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Channelled communications, with the advent of books such as "A Course in Miracles", "Starseed Transmission", "Gildas Communicates" and "Seth Speaks" have, in recent years, become more widely accepted, each for their intrinsic insight. The Guide Book, in similar vein, is compiled from the inspired teachings given over a 40 year period by H-A, a source of wisdom, through Tony Neate, co-founder of the Runnings Park Community and Conference Centre.

This is an eminently readable course on the spiritual laws that govern humankind and the purpose of life on Earth. It ranges from the spirit of the developing child, to relationships, education, money and the permissive society, to life before birth and after death, the devic kingdoms and power centres. It poses the question: Can Mankind Survive? and explains that we are all co-creators in the great Experiment.

H-A paints an exciting picture of life as it could be on planet Earth and the important role that each of us individually can play at this crucial planetary moment. He speaks directly to us and gives us hope:-

"Planet Earth is going through a deep process of transformation; it is birthing a new energy. Any birth brings pain, trauma and suffering while it transforms the subject from one state of being into another. The process of change is allowing a finer, more compassionate energy to permeate and affect all aspects of society. Everything is being touched by this energy and how you relate to it is vitally important. You have total choice in the way that you integrate this vibration into your life." H-A

This book is ideal for group study and for those who, regardless of their background or religon, are interested in exploring spiritual values and their application in daily life.

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